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Hey, Community’s Got Soul, Not Just Sales – Wink!

Community management has taken a wild rollercoaster ride in our snazzy digital age where ‘ka-ching’ (aka monetization) is king. Some say it’s taken a nosedive. Whispers abound: big corporates are sneaking in, trying to play matchmaker between community and marketing. And let’s say it’s like putting ketchup on ice cream. Meanwhile, good ol’ marketing’s dancing shoes lean more toward the sales dance floor, leaving the community jamboree a bit deserted. It’s high time we serenade the heart and soul back into true community vibes!

Mixing Apples and Oranges: Community & Marketing

Remember when community management was like hosting a potluck? Welcoming, warming, and all about sharing that grandma’s secret recipe? It was the place where everyone rallied around the campfire of shared interests. But alas! Nowadays, some corporate folks eye communities like they’re window shopping. Communities are not just colorful stalls to display products, shout brand slogans, or fish for compliments (aka user-generated content).

A spirited community can cheer on a brand and give it a leg up. But trouble brews when community spaces feel more like cold marketing kiosks than cozy living rooms.

When Marketing Wore Sales-tinted Glasses

Zooming into marketing – it once serenaded audiences with stories and songs of brand tales. Now? It’s racing toward sales, judging its worth by quick flings (read: conversion rates) rather than timeless romances of brand loyalty. What’s the gamble? It’s like preferring a quick snack over a hearty meal – you miss the natural nourishment of trust and adoration.

The Soulful Beats of True Community

  1. Feeling the Depth: A close-knit fam of 1,000 has more oomph than a fleeting crowd of 10,000. It’s about heart-to-heart, not just numbers.
  2. Trust as the Golden Ticket: When a community’s built on real-deal vibes, it’ll back its brand through thick ‘n thin, rain or shine.
  3. Jamming in the Long-haul: Authentic communities groove and evolve with the brand, chiming in with feedback, rooting for it, and even lending a shoulder when times get tough.
  4. Keepin’ it Real: Authenticity’s the magic spice of a community. Refrain from washing it away with heavy marketing sauce!

The Dance of Two Worlds

The twirl between community and marketing is like a delicate tango. Don’t lead one and leave the other behind.

While brands can salsa with marketing steps into community events, the rhythm must be genuine, respectful, and in sync with the community’s heartbeat. Just as marketing can shimmy sales, it should also waltz with genuine relationships.


In the bustling digital concert, let’s remember the original tunes of community and marketing. It’s not an either-or; it’s a harmonious duet. Let’s give a standing ovation to communities – the real stages of trust, bond, and shared dreams – and let marketing be the amplifier, not the show-stealer. Curtain call, anyone?

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