WordCamp U.S. 2023: A Revolution in Government and Accessibility

Setting the Scene at National Harbor

A tech event doesn’t often leave you feeling that you’ve witnessed a paradigm shift, yet that’s what happened at WordCamp U.S. 2023. The event held at the illustrious Gaylord Hotel National Harbor, a stone’s throw away from D.C., couldn’t have been more apropos for a conference that focused heavily on WordPress for Government.

The proximity to the nation’s capital set a serious yet hopeful tone. If there’s one place where a dialogue on government technology should happen, it’s within the whispers of the lawmakers and decision-makers.

WordPress for Government: It’s Not Rocket Science (Or Maybe It Is)

The private pre-WordCamp Run with VIP: WordPress for Government Summit was the clarion call of this year’s WordCamp. The discussions around WordPress for Govenment and Non-Profits, Scaling WordPress, Accessibility, AI, and solutions for public services were enlightening.

But it was the Opening Session that left the crowd awe-struck. Showcasing NASA’s conversion from Drupal to WordPress wasn’t just a case study but a testament to WordPress’s capability to handle complexity gracefully. If WordPress is good enough for NASA, it’s good enough for any government agency.

Accessibility: A Step Forward for All

The second prominent theme was accessibility—an issue many in the tech world talk about, but fewer take action. This year’s WordCamp put it at the forefront with multiple panel discussions and tutorials on making your website accessible to everyone. Hot topics like accessible coding, design for inclusivity, and content readability made for an eye-opening experience. 

A Buffet of Choices: Talks and Expo Sessions

WordCamp U.S. 2023 provided the kind of mental workout that every attendee needs. With divided talks and expo sessions on various topics—ranging from SEO strategies to advanced coding techniques—there was something for everyone. Switching between government-focused exchanges and those on accessibility felt like a HIIT workout for the mind, while the location provided a physical workout!

The Evolving Dynamics of Regional WordCamps

A positive note was the uptick in business participation, signifying the expanding impact of WordPress beyond just the blogging community. The increased business presence could be seen through cutting-edge service offerings, impactful meetings, and networking.

Cheers to the Unsung Heroes

None of this would have been possible without the tireless efforts of the sponsors and organizers. From the volunteers, the sponsors manning the booths to the speakers sharing invaluable insights, every effort was a building block in the towering success of WordCamp U.S. 2023.

A Night at the Smithsonian

The cherry on top was closing out the WordCamp at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. It was as if the message was clear: technology, governance, and history are not separate but deeply interwoven facets of human progress.

The backdrop of ancient fossils, the Hope Diamond, and other testaments to natural history made for a thoughtful environment to ruminate over the enlightening experiences we all gained. It also served as a humble reminder that while technology might be relatively new in the grand tapestry of time, its potential to impact lives is timeless.


WordCamp U.S. 2023 was more than a conference. It catalyzes change, especially in how governments look at WordPress, technology, and how we perceive accessibility. The event did not just meet expectations; it set new ones. And as we left the hallowed halls of the Smithsonian, there was a collective sense of anticipation. Anticipation not for the next WordCamp but for a future that seems a little more accessible, more governable, and much more promising.

Here’s to the ideas sparked, the friendships formed, and the paths forged until next year.

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