Jason Nickerson

Open Source Executive; Event Strategist; Public Speaker; CMS Expert; Web Pro

I am an open-source executive with over two decades of experience in the web industry. My expertise spans development, e-commerce, marketing, events, and cloud hosting. I am a global public speaker, passionately advocating for open source and diversity in technology. My strong communication abilities and experience in community management, event strategy, and product marketing make me an effective leader.

My enthusiasm for open source is fueled by my belief in community-driven collaboration and the potential of open-source software to foster innovation, diversity, and equal access to technology.

I serve as the unifying force that assembles teams, cultivates community, and orchestrates marketing campaigns that deliver tangible results.

I actively contribute to the growth and development of the open-source ecosystem. By nurturing relationships and partnerships within the industry, I strive to create opportunities for open-source projects to flourish.

As a proactive leader, I understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and industry trends. This knowledge empowers me to devise effective strategies that address current challenges and anticipate future developments.

One core value is promoting inclusivity and diversity in the tech sector. I actively work towards creating an environment where individuals from all backgrounds feel welcomed, supported, and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and skills. This approach not only strengthens the community but also drives innovation and productivity.

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