WP Speakers: A Comprehensive Resource for WordCamps, WordPress Meetups, and Open-Source Events

WordCamps, WordPress Meetups, and Open Source events are community-driven gatherings that celebrate and educate attendees about the ever-evolving world of WordPress and open-source technologies. To ensure these events’ success, securing a fantastic lineup of speakers who can share their knowledge, experience, and passion with the audience is crucial. WP Speakers is here to help!

What is WP Speakers?

WP Speakers is an online platform designed to showcase expert speakers from WordPress and open-source communities. It provides a comprehensive resource for event organizers, allowing them to find speakers with a wealth of knowledge. WP Speakers streamlines selecting and inviting speakers, ensuring an engaging and informative lineup for each event.

Features of WP Speakers

  • Curated Speaker Profiles

WP Speakers features an extensive list of curated speaker profiles, with essential information such a bio, their areas of expertise and links to their social media profiles or company websites. This allows organizers to quickly assess a speaker’s suitability for their event and make informed decisions.

  • Search and Filter Capabilities

The platform enables users to search and filter speakers based on name, location and topics. This helps organizers find the perfect match for their event, considering its theme, location, and target audience.

  • Speaker Submission Form

WP Speakers includes a speaker submission form, encouraging potential speakers to apply for speaking opportunities. This feature promotes a diverse range of speakers eager to share their knowledge with the community.

  • Communication Tools

Built-in communication tools within the platform allow organizers to contact speakers directly. This simplifies the process of inviting speakers, discussing event details, and handling any logistical concerns.

Benefits of Using WP Speakers

  1. Time-saving: WP Speakers streamlines the process of finding and inviting speakers for WordCamps, WordPress Meetups, and Open Source events, saving time for organizers.
  2. Quality: By offering a curated list of experienced speakers, the platform ensures high-quality presentations that will engage and educate attendees.
  3. Diversity: WP Speakers promotes a diverse range of speakers, encouraging the inclusion of different perspectives and experiences within open-source communities.
  4. Networking: The platform fosters connections between speakers and organizers, creating opportunities for collaboration and future partnerships.


WP Speakers is an invaluable resource for organizers of WordCamps, WordPress Meetups, and Open Source events, simplifying the process of finding and securing high-quality speakers for their gatherings.

The platform promotes diversity, encourages networking, and fosters continuous improvement, contributing to the overall success and growth of the WordPress and open-source communities.

If you’re organizing one of these events, take advantage of WP Speakers as your go-to resource for finding the perfect speaker lineup.

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