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WordPress Takes Center Stage at CloudFest 2023

CloudFest 2023, the world’s largest cloud computing event, recently concluded with enthusiasm from the WordPress community. After a few shaky years due the pandemic, CloudFest has again established itself as the premier event for the cloud hosting, and internet service provider industry. The event brought together over 8,000 professionals, enthusiasts, and businesses worldwide to discuss the latest trends, technologies, and opportunities in the cloud space.

This year, the event highlighted the ever-growing importance of WordPress in the cloud ecosystem. With a focus on WordPress, CloudFest 2023 showcased the latest tools, platforms, and innovations revolutionizing how we build and manage websites.

WordPress Workshops and Sessions

CloudFest 2023 featured a day long series of workshops and sessions centered around WordPress. Industry experts and leading WordPress professionals conducted these sessions, providing valuable insights into best practices, emerging trends, and the future of WordPress in the cloud ecosystem.

This year they included the most WordPress-related speakers in CloudFest history: Josepha Haden, Robert Jacobi, Chris Lubkurt, Jonathan Wold, Ben Gabler, Joost De Valk, Vito Pelleg, Jesse Friedman, and more. Attendees benefited from their practical advice on optimizing their WordPress websites for performance, security, and user experience.

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities

The event offered numerous networking opportunities for WordPress professionals, fostering collaboration and partnerships within the community. Attendees had the chance to meet face-to-face with fellow WordPress CEOs, Developers, and enthusiasts to exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations.

Preview of Upcoming WordPress Features and Innovations

CloudFest 2023 provided a sneak peek into the future of WordPress, with presentations and demos showcasing upcoming products, features, and innovations. These advancements promise to make WordPress even more powerful and user-friendly, ensuring its continued growth and dominance in website creation and management. A game changer for managed WordPress hosting, WebPros unveiled their newest solution, WP Squared, powered by cPanel. The platform offers a single dashboard that allows users to manage updates, backups, security, and performance across all their WordPress sites. This innovation garnered significant attention at CloudFest and is expected to make waves in the WordPress Hosting community.


CloudFest 2023 – A Launchpad for WordPress Innovation. As the cloud industry continues to expand, the prominence of WordPress at CloudFest 2023 underscores the platform’s growing importance in the cloud ecosystem. The event served as a launchpad for groundbreaking solutions and offered a wealth of knowledge and networking opportunities. With new ideas, technologies, and connections formed at CloudFest 2023, I eagerly anticipate the future of WordPress and the innovations it will bring to the cloud community.

I look forward to the continued WordPress focus at CloudFest USA 2023 taking place at the end of May in Austin, Texas!

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