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OVHcloud US Expands Storage Solutions for Growing Data Demands

OVHcloud® US, a leading global cloud provider, has recently expanded its extensive range of storage solutions, OVHcloud looks to cater to the increasing volume of data being generated and the growing demand for faster data access. The new High-Performance Object Storage offers customers five times more public bandwidth, ten times more internal bandwidth, and twice the speed in terms of latency compared to OVHcloud’s existing SWIFT object storage solution. This development comes as traditional block and file storage solutions struggle to cope with the massive data generated by modern, demanding applications. As organizations adopt cloud-native approaches, OVHcloud US’s expanded offerings enable customers to scale with their data growth without implementing multiple solutions.

“As the amount of cloud native applications and data generated across the globe continues to explode, OVHcloud US customers have an edge with access to our highly scalable, reliable, high performance, and affordable storage solutions that seamlessly integrate with their workflows. We actively work alongside customers to find the best storage solutions for their needs and expand and improve our offerings accordingly. Thanks to our acquisition of OpenIO, our latest object storage solutions deliver high performance through the OpenStack API, S3 API, and OVHcloud control panel – providing an optimized data experience.”

Jeffrey Gregor, OVHcloud US General Manager

High-Performance Object Storage for Demanding Workloads

OVHcloud’s High-Performance Object Storage is specifically designed for big data applications, artificial intelligence, and high-demand computing workloads. It offers high throughput, low latency, and is highly scalable and reliable. This storage solution is now available in US East and US West coast OVHcloud data centers. The service will provide customers with high performance through the OpenStack API, S3 API, and OVHcloud Control Panel.

Standard Object Storage with S3 Compatibility

Applications that manage content such as images, data tables, and video can benefit from erasure encoding. OVHcloud US has also introduced Standard Object Storage for customers who require data storage without performance constraints. This solution allows users to easily migrate data from any provider offering an S3-compatible API to OVHcloud. This creates a fully reversible cloud, while seamlessly integrating within their existing workflows.

By offering a range of storage options, OVHcloud US ensures that customers can choose the best solutions for their data needs while meeting the requirements of complex big data applications and high-demand computing workloads.

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