WordPress Diverse Speaker Team: Empowering Underrepresented Voices in Tech

The WordPress Diverse Speaker Team has launched a remarkable initiative to encourage and empower underrepresented individuals to enter the spotlight at WordPress events. Recognizing the value and necessity of diversity in all aspects of tech, this team has developed engaging and transformative speaker workshops aimed at overcoming self-doubt and cultivating the art of effective communication.

Breaking the Ice with Diverse Speaker Workshops

These innovative workshops have been thoughtfully designed to guide attendees through finding their unique voice and crafting a compelling talk. Live workshops and watch parties are held in real-time to ensure a welcoming and inclusive environment, catering to underrepresented groups. For those who prefer a self-paced learning approach, pre-recorded workshops are readily available on

A Closer Look at Workshop Topics

The Diverse Speaker Workshops encompass a broad range of topics aimed at dismantling the barriers that discourage individuals from public speaking. Here’s an insight into what the workshops cover:

  • Debunking the Myths of Being a Speaker: Often, aspiring speakers struggle with the impostor syndrome that falsely convinces them they aren’t good enough. This workshop shatters these misleading myths and enables participants to recognize and embrace their individual expertise.
  • Finding a Topic for a WordPress Talk: Choosing a topic can be daunting, especially when you’re new to public speaking. This part of the workshop guides participants through selecting a subject that aligns with their interests, expertise, and current trends in the WordPress community.
  • Writing the Pitch for your WordPress Talk: This workshop delves into the art of writing an impactful pitch for your talk. Participants learn how to effectively communicate the essence of their talk to grab the attention of conference organizers.
  • Creating Your WordPress Talk: From brainstorming ideas to structuring the talk. This session equips participants with the skills to develop a compelling WordPress talk that resonates with the audience.
  • Becoming a Better Speaker: This session focuses on enhancing speaking skills, aspects like voice modulation, body language, and engagement techniques.
  • Creating Great Slides: Visual aids play an essential role in enhancing the effectiveness of a presentation. This workshop guides participants in designing impactful slides that reinforce their talk and leave a lasting impression.

The Takeaway

The WordPress Diverse Speaker Team is instrumental in championing diversity in tech through its dynamic speaker workshops. Creating a safe space for underrepresented groups to learn and grow is paving the way for the WordPress community. The outcome of these workshops is evident in the increase in public speaking confidence and the diversity of WordPress speakers. This is indeed a remarkable stride towards inclusivity in the tech world.

How to get involved

Getting involved with the WordPress Diverse Speaker Team is a rewarding opportunity for anyone looking to champion diversity and contribute to a more inclusive tech community. You can start by attending the interactive workshops, either live or through the pre-recorded sessions available on These workshops are a great way to build your public speaking skills while networking with like-minded individuals. Beyond participation, you can also consider becoming a volunteer or mentor to help facilitate these workshops. Reach out to the team through their page on the official WordPress site to express your interest and learn more about available roles and responsibilities. Remember, every step towards diversity counts; your involvement can make a significant difference.

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