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Simplifying Kubernetes Deployment with Korifi: Cloud Foundry’s Open-Source PaaS Solution

The Cloud Foundry Foundation has unveiled the latest version of Korifi, an open-source Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) designed to alleviate the complexity of Kubernetes while significantly enhancing application deployment experiences. Many organizations need help with deploying applications using Kubernetes infrastructure, which can be intricate and challenging to manage for developers who are not well-versed in its nuances. Korifi aims to streamline this process by offering a more intuitive interface built atop Kubernetes infrastructure, allowing developers to focus on writing code instead of managing infrastructure.

Korifi Tutorials and Cloud Foundry Day: Assisting Developers

To help developers familiarize themselves with Korifi, the Foundation has launched a series of Korifi Tutorials. Moreover, a Cloud Foundry Day event has been announced, which will take place on June 21 in Heidelberg, Germany.

The updates in Korifi v.0.7.0 include the following:

  • Improved logging for better tracking and debugging.
  • Support for labels and annotations across all resources.
  • Automatic cleanup of unused resources to optimize resource usage.
  • Support for multiple apps in manifests for increased flexibility.

Korifi’s fully open-source codebase and community-driven approach ensure adopters enjoy complete transparency and adaptability. For system integrators and service providers, Korifi facilitates cloud-native transformation for their Cloud Foundry customers.

“Having a golden path to production when using Kubernetes infrastructure is proving to be elusive or expensive. Korifi changes that with an easy path for adoption on cloud platforms. Korifi is increasingly realizing parity with the Cloud Foundry developer experience and is more inclusive in its workflows and accommodating greenfield, as well as legacy deployment workflows.”

Chris Clark, program manager at Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry: Setting the Benchmark for App Deployment

Cloud Foundry is an open-source technology that prominent players in manufacturing, telecommunications, and financial services utilize. Its container-based architecture enables apps to run in any language on various cloud platforms, featuring a robust services ecosystem.

Discover Korifi on GitHub: Learn More and Deploy on Kubernetes Clusters. Visit the GitHub repository to explore Korifi in greater detail and deploy it on your Kubernetes clusters.

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