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Discover iSHANG’s Innovative Web3-as-a-Service Platform: Unlocking the Web3 Market for Brands and Enterprises

iSHANG Technology Limited, the Web3 business subsidiary of digital asset group COINSTREET, has launched the world’s first “Web3-as-a-Service” (W3aaS) platform. This groundbreaking platform is a gateway and infrastructure for brands and enterprises to enter the burgeoning Web3 market via more than ten turnkey Web3 services and applications based on Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT).

Seamless Integration with Web2 Systems

The platform built on Ethereum and Polygon blockchain uses the IPFS decentralized storage system. The W3aaS platform also leverages Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure to ensure seamless integration with existing Web2 systems.

Comprehensive Web3 Solutions for Enterprises

iSHANG’s W3aaS platform offers a range of ready-made yet fully customizable decentralized blockchain applications. These applications are tailor-made for Web3 campaign management, and campaign-driven NFT & dApp marketplace solutions. The platform’s comprehensive consulting services empower mainstream brands and enterprises to tap into the limitless potential of the Web3 market. Thus transforming their businesses and providing innovative ways for brand engagement, customer acquisition, and retention.

Bridging the Gap for Mass Web3 Adoption

Coinstreet Group, the holding company of iSHANG, is well-positioned to capture vast Web3 transformation business opportunities across regulated financial services and non-regulated business trades and industries. Co-founder of iSHANG, Samson Lee, stated that despite the hype around Web3, mass adoption could be faster, focusing mainly on cryptocurrency, Game-Fi, and NFT. iSHANG aims to bridge the gap for mass adoption by providing a total solution of Web3-as-a-Service technology platform, turnkey enterprise solutions, and practical consulting services.

Capitalizing on the Growing Web3 Market

With the global Web3 market size expected to reach $81.5 billion by 2030, iSHANG’s W3aaS platform enables brands and enterprises to benefit from this paradigm shift in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Empowering Businesses with Web3-as-a-Service Platform and Solutions

iSHANG’s W3aaS platform features three main components: over ten ready-made, fully customizable decentralized blockchain applications, tailor-made Web3 campaign management, and a campaign-driven NFT & dApp marketplace. These components include:

  • Web2-to-3 Membership & Lifestyle Program
  • Collectible Phygital Value-Backed NFT, or “vNFT”
  • Decentralized Affiliate & Social Marketing Program
  • “Proof-of-X” Non-Transferable NFT Certificate
  • O2O Commerce and Global Payment
  • Tokenization of ESG & Charity Project
  • Web3 Voting Campaign & Survey
  • Branded Web3 Game & Metaverse
  • Decentralized Coupon, Voucher & Ticketing
  • Crowdfunding & Trade Financing Program
  • Web3 Consulting Service

Comprehensive Web3 Consulting Services

iSHANG’s one-stop consulting services cover various aspects, such as project idea conception, strategic planning, commercialization plan, technical development, operation, marketing, and post-launch trading and support. These services are designed to help businesses efficiently navigate and capitalize on the Web3 market.

Embracing the Next Evolution of the World Wide Web

Web3, the next evolution of the World Wide Web, is built on decentralized blockchains and offers an entirely decentralized ecosystem, allowing consumers to control their data. iSHANG’s W3aaS platform empowers brands and enterprises to take advantage of this paradigm shift, providing a timely and cost-efficient way to embrace the future of the internet.

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