Empowering Creators with Cutting-Edge AI Technology

Shutterstock, Inc., a leading global creative platform, has announced an exciting partnership with NVIDIA. Together, they will train custom 3D models to generate 3D assets from simple text prompts. NVIDIA’s Picasso generative AI cloud services will be center stage in this partnership. This first-of-its-kind collaboration will reduce the time it takes to create high-fidelity 3D content from hours to mere minutes.

In the coming months, these NVIDIA-powered generative AI capabilities will be added to Shutterstock’s Creative Flow. The text-to-3D features will also be available on and are planned to be introduced on the NVIDIA Omniverseā„¢ platform.

“Our generative 3D partnership with NVIDIA will power the next generation of 3D contributor tools, greatly reducing the time it takes to create beautifully textured and structured 3D models. This first of its kind partnership furthers our strategy of leveraging Shutterstock’s massive pool of metadata to bring new products, tools, and content to market. By combining our 3D content with NVIDIA’s foundation models, and utilizing our respective marketing and distribution platforms, we can capitalize on an extraordinarily large market opportunity.”

Paul Hennessy, Shutterstock CEO 

Creating a high-quality, detailed 3D model from scratch using today’s professional software tools is challenging and time-consuming. In cases where absolute precision is required, such as digital twins, the complexity of the task can take days or even longer. With NVIDIA’s Picasso generative AI cloud service, Shutterstock will assist 3D artists in creating complete 3D models for non-3D users ready for use across applications and platforms.

A focus on creators

This innovative partnership between Shutterstock and NVIDIA marks a significant step forward in empowering creators to work more efficiently while enhancing their artistic capabilities. By harnessing the power of AI, artists can now access an intelligent tool that simplifies and accelerates the 3D asset creation process.

Integrating AI-driven 3D asset generation in Shutterstock’s Creative Flow,, and the upcoming NVIDIA Omniverseā„¢ platform will expand creative possibilities. This groundbreaking technology allows users to bring their ideas to life faster and more accurately than ever before.

In line with its responsible AI focus, Shutterstock will compensate artists through its Contributor Fund. Creators will be credited for their intellectual property’s role in training the generative technology. This ethical approach to AI reinforces the importance of recognizing and valuing the creative work that goes into developing such transformative tools.

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