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Embracing the Decentralized Cloud: Concordium and Akash Network Partnership

Concordium and Akash Network join forces to revolutionize Cloud Infrastructure. This collaboration aims to empower projects running on Concordium with cost-effective cloud server spaces to run their decentralized applications (dApps) and decentralizing the blockchain.

Decentralizing the Cloud Computing Market

Today, over 60% of the cloud computing market is controlled by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Akash Network was created to address this centralization issue by offering a decentralized, peer-to-peer cloud marketplace. Its globally distributed node operators network provides tenant applications with cloud-grade server space at 85% lower prices than traditional systems.

Secure and Censorship-Proof Environment

Akash Network enables the deployment of applications in a secure and censorship-proof environment, utilizing a layer one protocol with Proof-of-Stake consensus to safeguard the network and user identities. Akash Network users are more resilient to institutional attack vectors by removing single points of failure. They have greater independence from AWS and other centralized cloud service providers.

“We are very pleased to invite Akash into the Concordium community. As a leader in the decentralized cloud space, this collaboration will surely be well received by the developer community for running nodes and easy deployment of apps. This will save costs and further decentralize their cloud infrastructure.”

Mikael Breinholst, Director of Product at Concordium,

A Perfect Match for Business Applications

Concordium is a layer one decentralized blockchain designed for real-world utility and business applications. It offers fast transactions, true finalization, and low FIAT pegged fees. These features make it an ideal solution for developers building dApps on a secure, high-scale, science-backed chain.

“With Concordium’s nodes being able to be supported on Akash Network, Concordium’s users have an alternative solution for their cloud needs that not only saves costs but also further decentralizes their cloud infrastructure.”

Boz Menzalji, COO at Akash Network

Unlocking the Potential of Decentralized Cloud Infrastructure

In a world where data privacy and security are becoming increasingly important, decentralized cloud infrastructure offers a powerful alternative to traditional, centralized cloud computing services.

As the partnership continues to grow and evolve, both Concordium and Akash Network are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions.

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