Tellius Copilot: Streamlining Code Improvements with GPT-Integrated Enhancements

Tellius, the AI-powered decision intelligence platform, has launched Copilot, a product enhancements suite that utilizes OpenAI’s large language models (LLMs). These features, including natural language synonyms, code improvements, and enriched data stories, complement the company’s AI-driven analytics capabilities. As a result, organizations can swiftly implement and scale self-service analytics, transforming their approach to data.

Tellius Copilot: Spotlight on Code Improvements

Tellius Copilot introduces a variety of innovative experiences to the platform, designed to enhance and streamline data analysis for organizations. These experiences include the generation of recommended data dictionaries, improving and validating code for SQL/Python, and providing enriched data storytelling. Tellius Copilot plans to simplify data management, empower users with valuable insights, and drive self-service analytics. 

Seamless Extension of the Tellius Platform

As a seamless extension of the Tellius Platform, Copilot successfully integrates generative AI and large language models to create a more efficient and user-friendly analytics experience. By eliminating friction in the analytics workflow, Copilot empowers customers to elevate their self-service analytics and data literacy initiatives, ultimately driving data-driven decision-making across the organization.

Integrating generative AI and LLMs advances our efforts to eliminate friction in the analytics workflow and empowers customers to elevate their self-service analytics and data literacy initiatives. Copilot seamlessly extends the Tellius platform, further democratizing data access and accelerating the journey from data to decisions.

Ajay Khanna – Founder and CEO of Tellius

Addressing the Limitations of GPT

GPT’s remarkable ability to generate human-like text responses has generated excitement, but it has limitations in analytics use cases. These limitations include handling complex or multiple data sources, providing data visualizations, answering questions about an organization’s data without fine-tuning, and returning incorrect answers. Such constraints can lead to inaccurate conclusions, poor decisions, and diminished trust from end users.

Tellius tackles these limitations by combining GPT’s strengths in context and summary generation with our own tested AI algorithms and proprietary logic, ensuring that users can trust the answers they receive. While GPT and other LLMs are promising new technologies, Tellius adopts a human-in-the-loop approach to guarantee that automation never compromises the control and governance our users value in our platform.

Hardik Chheda – Chief Product Officer at Tellius.


Tellius Copilot’s GPT-integrated enhancements, particularly the code improvements feature, are revolutionizing how organizations validate code and manage data and analytics. Tellius Copilot enables businesses to make better-informed decisions and elevate their data literacy initiatives by optimizing processes and delivering accurate insights.

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