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Introducing WordPress as a Service with Virtuozzo Application Platform v2 and a Limited-Time Promotion

The exciting launch of the Virtuozzo Application Platform for WordPress version 2 brings forth an innovative approach to WordPress as a Service. Along with this release, a limited-time “two for one” promotion is available for new customers. Let’s explore the benefits of this upgraded platform.

The Growing Need for Scalable WordPress as a Service

With 43% of all websites powered by WordPress, the demand for scalable WordPress hosting has never been higher. Hosting providers are well aware of this fact due to their extensive clientele on cPanel/Plesk-based shared hosting.

However, when a customer’s site starts gaining traction, they may require improved scalability, performance, and high availability. They might turn to one of the significant managed WordPress hosts, but that comes with a substantial increase in cost. What if a more cost-effective and functional solution could retain their business? Enter Virtuozzo Application Platform for WordPress.

A Game-Changer in WordPress as a Service Hosting

The Virtuozzo Application Platform for WordPress version 2 introduces a streamlined container-based hosting solution. This solution delivers the performance, scalability, security, and DevOps automation that online brands need. It can be deployed on bare metal or within an existing virtualized environment.

Next-Gen Simplicity for WordPress DevOps

This platform utilizes the back-end of the Virtuozzo Application Platform with a brand-new user interface designed specifically for WordPress customers. The new UI simplifies deploying WordPress website projects, configuring resources, adjusting scaling, paying invoices, and managing the entire WordPress project lifecycle. As a result, web agencies and fast-growing WordPress business customers can enjoy a more intuitive and engaging digital experience.

Modernized Infrastructure for WordPress as a Service

The Virtuozzo Application Platform offers a variety of features that traditional shared hosting lacks:

  • Automatic scaling:┬áThe platform enables WordPress deployments to automatically scale up, down, in, and out in response to website traffic spikes. Thus making it essential for online businesses with unpredictable traffic patterns and seasonal marketing campaign requirements.
  • True consumption-based pricing: Unlike shared hosting and public cloud-based WordPress, where companies pay for reserved instances and resources, Virtuozzo charges customers only for the resources they actually consume, providing a competitive edge in the total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Advanced WordPress topologies: Virtuozzo automates the deployment of everything from a single WordPress instance to multi-region WordPress clusters with complex database and CDN configurations, simplifying the process for hosting providers and removing complexity for business end-users.
  • Secure, high-performance, and highly available: The platform offers high-density elastic WordPress hosting with fast and efficient hardware utilization, fully isolated containers, container networks and policies, and automatic failover.

Transforming the Future of WordPress as a Service Hosting

Launching the Virtuozzo Application Platform for WordPress version 2 marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of WordPress as a Service hosting. This platform is poised to bridge the gap between traditional shared hosting and expensive managed WordPress services by offering a powerful, scalable, and cost-effective solution.

The advanced features, intuitive user interface, and streamlined infrastructure will significantly benefit businesses and hosting providers. As we move forward, the Virtuozzo Application Platform is set to redefine the landscape of WordPress hosting, empowering businesses to thrive and hosting providers to deliver cutting-edge solutions tailored to their customers’ needs.

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