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Hivelocity’s Network Automation Capabilities for Dedicated Servers: Enhancing Performance and Flexibility

Hivelocity, a leading IaaS and Bare Metal Cloud provider introduced new network automation capabilities for their dedicated servers. This update enables customers to self-serve public and private network configurations through the portal and API, including Layer 2 VLANs, IPv4 subnets, Internet Gateways, and more. By allowing customers to control their networks, Hivelocity provides convenience, speed, agility, and consistency in provisioning and managing applications.

In addition to these automation features, Hivelocity’s network is self-healing and globally diverse, offering a reliable experience. Their network is a premium blend of independent tier-1 carriers and public peering fabrics, ensuring enterprise-grade performance and reliability. With over 10 Core Locations, 15 Edge Locations, and 2 Tbps Transit Capacity, Hivelocity provides one of the most detailed network configurations available.

“Companies want the price and performance of dedicated servers but with the full flexibility of the cloud. A key part of the cloud experience is fully automated and self-service networks. Now at Hivelocity, you can self-serve high performance dedicated servers and your own network infrastructure. Ultimately, this reduces compute costs and frees up valuable time to spend on what matters most: developing and deploying your applications.”

Zach Kazanski, SVP of Product

For a robust network with automation capabilities, Hivelocity is the ideal partner. Hivelocity’s data centers use over a dozen tier-1 transit providers, and their proprietary software automatically routes your traffic over the lowest latency and least congested paths. Hivelocity delivers a fast and reliable network experience, setting them apart from other hosting providers.

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