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Harness the Power of KeenASR for Web to Create Voice-Enabled Applications

While advancements in AI have us talking to our computers, we still seem locked into the traditional interfaces. In a talk I did some years ago, I said we would be leaving our mice and keyboards alone and talking to our website in the near future. Now, KeenASR is setting a path to create that future with voice-enabled web applications.

Customize and Scale with Ease

Developers can fully tailor KeenASR for the Web to fit the needs of their service’s users. The platform’s offline processing capability eliminates the necessity for additional servers as usage increases, making it highly scalable.

“Our cutting-edge technology enables developers to build powerful voice-enabled web applications that enhance the user experience and drive engagement.

Our mobile SDKs are already used to power various products focused on education, entertainment, augmented intelligence for frontline workers, helping people with disabilities, and many other use cases.

With web application support, we see several new opportunities for EdTech and other companies to leverage our support for speech recognition optimized for kids’ voices and use cases such as oral reading and assessment, language learning, and early education.

We’re excited to see what our customers will create with KeenASR for Web.”

Ognjen Todic, the CEO of Keen Research

Closed-Beta and Upcoming SDK Release

KeenASR for Web is currently in a closed-beta phase, with a beta version of the SDK scheduled for release in May 2023. This release will include several demo web applications to showcase the potential of the KeenASR SDK and inspire developers to create their own voice-enabled web applications.

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