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Empowering Web3 Development: Validation Cloud and DoraHacks Join Forces for High-Performance Node API Access

Validation Cloud, a leading Web3 data streaming and infrastructure company, has announced an exciting partnership with DoraHacks, a renowned global hacker organization. This collaboration will grant developers participating in DoraHacks’ hackathons, grant programs, and community events free access to Validation Cloud’s Javelin—a high-performance global node API. Consequently, developers can seamlessly build applications on major networks like Aptos, Ethereum, and Polygon.

Javelin’s superior speed, scalability, and resilience will provide developers with the necessary tools to build Web3 applications with ease.

Michael Horowitz, Validation Cloud’s CEO

Throughout DoraHacks’ programs, participants will have access to Javelin. The winners of the events will get extended access to Validation Cloud’s platform for continued development. Additionally, DoraHacks alums will be given preferred access to Validation Cloud’s product suite.

Javelin’s unmatched speed, scale, and resilience make it an essential catalyst for next-generation Web3 applications. The benefits of Javelin include full-stack zero-knowledge infrastructure, appchains, and faster blockchains. This ensures developers have hyper-resilient connectivity. Moreover, Javelin’s lightning-fast speed connects users to networks in just 20 milliseconds from anywhere globally, significantly reducing time constraints for developers.

We believe access to Validation Cloud’s best-in-breed API endpoints will offer an unprecedented experience to our developer community, enabling them to build even more creative, high-quality projects than ever before.

Steve Ngok, a partner at DoraHacks

The partnership between Validation Cloud and DoraHacks is poised to boost the development of Web3 applications. Developers can connect to Javelin today at and learn more about DoraHacks hackathons at

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