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Blacknight Acquires MyHost Internet Services, Boosting Its Presence in the Irish Hosting Market

Ireland’s leading web host and domain registrar, Blacknight, has announced the acquisition of MyHost Internet Services Ltd, as part of their mission to strengthen their presence in the Irish hosting market. The deal was unveiled during the annual CloudFest hosting conference and marks a significant step in Avalon Holdings’ growth strategy, which aims to broaden its business reach and develop innovative IT solutions for the Irish market.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Blacknight’s CEO, Michele Neylon, highlights the natural fit between the two Irish-owned and independent hosting companies. The acquisition will see MyHost’s founder, Martin Saunders, joining the Avalon Holdings/Blacknight team and continuing to run MyHost as an independent subsidiary.

Saunders is excited about the opportunities for growth under Blacknight’s network, which will improve access and technical capabilities for MyHost customers. Meanwhile, Blacknight will benefit from MyHost’s success in the Irish hosting space.

The deal allows both companies to maintain their separate customer bases while gaining from each other’s expertise and resources. MyHost customers can look forward to improved infrastructure, a broader range of product offerings, and access to Blacknight’s ICANN accreditation for domain registration. Additionally, MyHost will benefit from Blacknight’s ISO Certifications and its commitment to sustainability, such as its recent installation of solar panels to power most of its back-office operations.

This acquisition marks a turning point in Blacknight’s growth strategy, with the company expanding beyond web hosting to operating data centers and launching broadband services throughout Ireland. Blacknight’s enterprise hosting, co-location, and data center real estate make it a formidable contender in the international hosting infrastructure market.

As Blacknight and MyHost move forward, customers from both companies will continue to enjoy the high-quality services they’ve come to expect while reaping the benefits of the combined expertise and infrastructure improvements.

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