10 Tips to help keep your airline status

As 2023 gets underway and thousands of tech workers are laid off each week, many face the uncomfortable task of keeping their airline status without corporate travel. In addition, many airlines have changed their terms or made some perks harder to achieve.

Here are ten tips to help you keep your airline status:

  1. Choose a primary airline: Focus your air travel on one airline whenever possible to accrue more miles and achieve status faster. Also, check if the airline has any partnerships with other airlines or credit card companies that can help you earn more miles.
  2. Take advantage of promotions: Airlines often offer promotions and bonuses for reaching certain milestones. Keep an eye on these offers and take advantage of them when possible.
  3. Book higher fare classes: Higher fare classes typically earn more miles, which can help you achieve status faster. Consider upgrading to a higher fare class when booking flights.
  4. Use co-branded credit cards: Many airlines offer co-branded credit cards that allow you to earn miles on everyday purchases. Use the card for all your purchases to earn miles faster.
  5. Fly during peak travel times: Airlines often offer bonus miles or promotions for flights during peak travel times. Consider scheduling your travel during these times to take advantage of these offers.
  6. Take advantage of status challenges: Some airlines offer status challenges, allowing you to earn status faster. Consider taking on these challenges if you’re close to achieving status.
  7. Book travel with partner airlines: Many airlines have partnerships with other airlines, allowing you to earn miles for flights on partner airlines. Consider booking travel with partner airlines to earn more miles.
  8. Join loyalty programs for other travel partners: Many other travel partners offer loyalty programs that allow you to earn miles or points that can be transferred to airline loyalty programs. Join these programs to earn more miles for your travel.
  9. Don’t let your miles expire: Make sure to use your miles before they expire. Many airlines have policies where miles will expire if they are not used within a certain period. Use them for travel, upgrades, or other rewards to maximize their value.
  10. Keep track of your progress: Keep track of your miles and status progress to ensure that you’re on track to achieve or maintain status. This will allow you to adjust your travel plans as needed to earn more miles and maintain your status.

In summary, keeping airline status can be challenging, but with these tips, you can increase your chances of maintaining your status.

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